About Us

Gotta Piñata is the brainchild of Kristhiant and Karina, a dynamic duo fueled by creativity and a love for bringing joy to celebrations. Their Canadian adventure is a testament to their boldness in chasing dreams and turning them into reality.

Originally from Mexico, Karina embarked on her journey in custom piñatas in 1997, quickly establishing herself as an expert in the craft. Meanwhile, Kristhiant brings his entrepreneurial flair and expertise as an IT professional. His pivotal role in ensuring smooth operations for the creative team contributes to the powerful synergy that sets Gotta Piñata apart in the industry. Together, Karina's artistic vision and Kristhiant's technical proficiency combine to make Love Your Piñata a leader in crafting unforgettable celebrations.

Their path has been a colourful tapestry of learning experiences, blending their diverse skills in sculpture, photography, painting, and graphic design marketing and branding expertise, exceptional customer service abilities, proficient business management skills, adept event planning capabilities, innovative thinking, multilingual proficiency, and effective collaboration and team management, to offer an unparalleled customization experience for their clients.

At Gotta Piñata, each creation is a masterpiece in its own right – meticulously designed to be one-of-a-kind, visually stunning, and eternally memorable. From lively birthday bashes to elegant weddings and every festivity in between, they offer an array of sizes, styles, and designs, along with an abundance of decoration techniques to suit every taste and occasion.

Join Karina and Kristhiant on their mission to spread joy and cultural heritage, and let Gotta Piñata add an extra dash of magic to your next celebration!